Once upon a time


Aaron Berchtold, Damian Lengacher and Sascha Erpen used to regularly play music in their rehearsal room. But they were neither interested in writing lyrics, nor in creating songs. The guys just wanted to jam and to hang around with each other. And within a few months, a lot of ideas were accumulated.  


Foundation of the band


In summer 2012 Damian Lengacher randomly met his old friend Martin Berchtold in a bar. Even though they knew each other for about ten years, they were not in contact any more. Martin’s dream was it to start a Rock- or Metal band. And so Damian took his chance. A few beers and a few conversations later, Aaron, Damian, Martin and Sascha decided to found a band. Martin took the position as singer and rhythm-guitarist.


One day, Martin made up his mind to fully focus on the singing. So a new guitarist had to be found and this was not even a bit of a problem. The four guys got the well-known metal guitarist Adrian Rubi to join the band. He is playing with Crowd under Pressure until today.


In Winter 2013 the bassist Sascha left the group for personal reasons.  


First EP , new bassist


During the recording of the first EP, the band came in contact with Thommy Ambiel from the am-studios in Susten (CH).As a bassist, producer and owner of the recording studio, Thommy decided to play the bass-lines of all the songs. Even before the release of the EP, the talented all-rounder became a fix part of Crowd under Pressure. Until today he completes the band as bassist and background-singer.